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Welcome to Systematic National Collections, Inc.

Proudly Celebrating Over 25 Years Of Service To Our Clients

Systematic National Collections, Inc. is a Southern California company, family owned and staffed by professionals with many years of experience in credit and collections. We provide our clients with a full range of collections services from consulting on their In-House systems, to letter services, to the traditional contingency programs. Take a look inside and see if we can help your company regain that lost money.

Service to our clients is the key to our success. Regular visits by our staff to help you keep abreast of how your accounts are handled is the way of maintaining accountability for the business we do for you.

Systematic National Collections, Inc is a Licensed and Bonded Collection Agency and are active members of the American Collectors Association, the California Association of Collectors, and We maintain complete Errors and Omissions Coverage, Client Indemnity Bond, Personal Liability and Employee Fidelity Coverage.