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We have in house investigators with the latest state of the art computer systems to conduct the following:

  • Skip trace address locating
  • Bank account locating
  • Asset locating
  • U.C.C. records
  • Secretary of State records
  • Credit data base

Collection Procedures

We accept placements via the web, fax or mail, whichever you prefer. All accounts are processed the same day they are received. We will provide you with an acknowledgement within forty eight hours of receipt.

Our collection staff will mail a series of letters and contact the debtor by telephone until they are able to effectuate a settlement in full, or arrange an amicable payment plan. All delinquent accounts are reported to the Major bureaus on a monthly basis.

This derogatory information will remain on a debtor’s credit report for a period of up to seven years. This information will alert any credit grantor when an individual applies for credit. This provides leverage in collecting the outstanding debt.

Furthermore, there are circumstances in which we will be unable to recover your outstanding receivables through conventional collection methods. However, if we have been successful in obtaining a valid address and we have determined that the debtor has assets, we will recommend forwarding your file to one of our attorneys. We are affiliated with a network of local and national bonded collection attorneys throughout the country who will pursue your collections through litigation.

We emphasize the pursuit of assets through post judgment liquidation. Our attorney’s do not stop once a judgment is obtained. Our firm does not charge any additional contingency fee when litigation is required. You will only be required to pay up front filing fees, process server fees and any ancillary fee which is associated to litigation. All fees will be paid directly to the appropriate party.